The policy of International Insurance Broker regarding the request settlements is solving them amiably, in a mutually advantageous and durable way, in order to prevent future dissensions.
If you wish to solve your problem amiably, you can choose one of the following means of submitting a request:

  • submitting a written request at our headquarters: Calea Călărași, nr 238, bl 75, Sc 1, apt 1, Sector 3, București.
  • via email at:
  • via mail at the address: OP 39, CP 11.

All the requests are registered in dedicated registry book, regardless of the way they were sent, and International Insurance Broker will send an official answer at the address specified by the petitioner. According to the provisions of ASF Norm no. 24/2014, the period for solving a request is of maximum 30 calendar days from the date at which the request was registered.


  • The requests/complaints communicated by phone ARE NOT registered
  • The anonymous requests, or the ones that do not contain the identification information of the petitioner (name, surname, address, contact details) will not be taken into consideration and will be classified as "Absence of petitioner identification details”.